Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Toolshed: Power Bats

Inspired by receiving my BA prospect handbook last week, I have decided to work on this new series called the Toolshed. I admit that I am usually a tools guy; I really am a sucker for a player who can hit the ball 500 feet or get down the line in 3.7 seconds. To kick things off I am going to start with the power tool, because let's be honest, chicks dig the long ball. To compile this list I ranked them into tiers using the 20-80 scouting scale, and then narrowed the list down to 30. The grade 60 is considered a plus tool, and I handed all of these I grade of 65 or more, needless to say they can mash. This does not mean that they will though. Remember this list is not the best power hitting prospects, or even who I think will hit the most home runs. Instead it is a ranking of who has the most raw power potential.

1.) Miguel Sano     80
2.) Joey Gallo         80
3.) Jairo Beras        80
4.) Jorge Soler        70    
5.) Wil Myers         70
6.) Marcell Ozuna   70
7.) Bubba Starling   70
8.) Xander Bogaerts 70
9.) Michael Choice  70
10.) Yasiel Puig       70
11.) Josh Bell           65
12.) Javier Baez        65
13.) Darin Ruff         65
14.) Victor Roache   65
15.) Matt Adams       65
16.) Trayce Thromspson 65
17.) Dan Vogelbach  65
18.) Bryce Brentz      65
19.) Oscar Taveras     65
20.) C.J Cron             65
21.) Adam Duvall      65
22.) Lewis Brinson    65
23.) Courtney Hawkins 65
24.) Carlos Correa     65
25.) Kyle Jepsen        65
26.) Gary Sanchez     65
27.) Mike Zunino      65
28.) Hunter Morris    65
29.) Jonathan Singleton 65
30.) Yorman Rodriguez  65

The guy who probably sticks out on this list the most is Jairo Beras because he is a 17 year old international free agent who has proved absolutely nothing. Furthermore, he was suspended by the MLB for faulty paperwork last year and his career is getting off to a late start. However his upside, especially with the bat, is simply off the charts. Beras is a hulking 6'6" and his power tool is not loud, it is sonic. I have repeatedly heard that he was not only the best player in Latin America last year, but that he could have also gone first overall if he were eligible for the First Year Player Draft. Some scouts have even gone so fat to say that he possesses more raw pop than the guy who tops this list, Miguel Sano, but I will have to hold off until he starts backing his potential here in the states.


Joey Gallo was considered to have the most raw power in the 2011 draft class. 

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